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Digital Product

Design Systems Ninja

UI Design Engineer

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/su - shoh - bhan/
I'm a Digital Product Designer based in Mumbai. Currently building design system @Forbes.

Previously @ProCreator , majorly helped build ProAppin the areas of product, design and growth.

Currently listening to Return of the Jaded - Soma or some chill techno track.

I also create videos, HODL crypto and twist the throttle.


Product | UI | UX | Ed-Tech

Stop Motion Video

Photography | Animation | Creative Direction


Shh... working in stealth mode

Product ✦ Side Project

Tools of my choice

I shoot stills and videos when I'm not busy designing

Check out my Instagram and Unsplash for more.

Let's talk about your next project, design or completely random stuff like

"How are these loss making tech startups still getting funded 🤯?"

"AI will replace you in the next decade 👾"

"Is PWA the future of apps? 📱"

"Skills over college degrees? 🎓"

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